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We bring satellites closer to Earth

Strasa’s mission is to democratize the stratosphere, enabling mass adoption of high resolution imagery, connectivity for all, and high altitude services.  

Strasa technologies will operate a global autonomous fleet of HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite) platforms for delivering high resolution imagery of up to 5 cm GSD, at low prices and in a large scale. 


Additionally, we will provide the service of flying partner payloads for long duration missions, such as communication services in rural areas.

Enhance yield with precision agriculture

Monitor & Enforce emissions

Connect the Unconnected

Prevent & Control wildfires

Map & Model
the Earth


A lighter-than-air vehicle
that can navigate the globe
or station keep to provide the service.

The platforms hover in the lower stratosphere - an underutilized space, almost 2 times higher than commercial aviation. 

Our unique solar powered platform stays afloat for one year and uses a sophisticated AI to exploit stratospheric wind layers together with wind corrections to navigate the globe efficiently.



​Strasa brings satellites closer to Earth, dramatically improving performance, using only renewable energy, and reducing costs.


An imaging payload that captures high resolution RGB and NIR images, with an optional MWIR\LWIR camera.

A stabilized satcom antenna to download the captured images in real time.

A customer payload, where Astras provides power, communication and navigation services.


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